Case Study: Controlled Drug Storage, Denmark

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MSS were delighted to have been awarded a contract to supply a high security off-site built module for controlled drug transportation and storage.

The module which had a footprint of 12000 x 2500 x 2500mm high and 162m2 of security panel overall, was used to securely house and transport schedule 2 pharmaceutical grade marijuana and cannabinoids for a Danish pharmaceutical company.

The project specification called for a unit which would be functional as both a static secure storage facility and as a fully transportable, shippable, and stackable secure facility for logistical risk management.

Due to its intended purpose the secure unit needed to provide optimal thermal efficiency and provide
a building solution which would defend against condensation, water ingress and damp.


To provide ultimate versatility in terms of transportability, weatherproofing and stackability, a containerised module was proposed. MSS high security SR4 composite panel systems were retro-fit into an ISO-Container, creating a fully secure ‘room within a room’. The panel systems are security tested to be fixed from a single side, meaning that a fully rated solution was achieved despite access from only one side being available.

Early uncertainty regarding the level of secure containment required for the units was solved by MSS provision of testing and tooling
information, with extensive time delay and comparative project information being relayed to the client.

Certain areas of the build were fortified in excess of the overall required level of security including the security door set surrounds, service penetrations and container base frame assembly.

The security panels were provided with a PIR (polyisocyanurate) insulative core type, providing a U value of 0.19W/m2K and avoiding heat transfer and potential condensation challenges often observed in standard containerised building methods. In addition to this the container internal faces were painted with a desiccated anti-condensation paint to provide further assurance.

Adequate ventilation was provided via the integration of security rated louvres, which are tested and approved for use with the MSS security panelling system but were further reinforced with 6mm gauge steel security sleeves due to previous on-site attempts by criminals at penetration prying and would be break ins.

Portfolio Details

‘'Our project with Modular Security Solutions ran smoothly and we were very happy with the secure container unit. We worked with MSS on a secure office project previously which also went very well. Our projects are always time critical and composite panes are a time saving building product'’


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