Case Study: The National Gallery

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We were delighted to be engaged by our client, Kwik-Klik Systems to supply and design a temporary security hoarding for their client the National Gallery at their prestigious London premises.

Our client required a rapid, reliable and above all high security hoarding to fortify a point of entry whilst renovation works were being carried out at their clients facility. With high value and historically significant paintings, sculptures, and other artwork on display, ensuring the prevention of unauthorised access on site was of paramount importance.


To provide a temporary partition which offered the appropriate level of physical resistance, we supplied and designed a security tested partition system which resists attack and forced entry from a wide range of tooling.

To ensure versatility and sustainability, Modular Security Solutions coordinated with the Kwik-Klik engineering team to design a fully modular, secure and demountable system which is capable of being repurposed and reused.

The project was installed in an area with heavy public footfall. To avoid damage, scratching and scuffing to the system, we manufactured the panels with a robust and durable,
pre-finished hygienic facing.

The National gallery is a Grade 1 listed building and as such its fabric and substrate cannot be altered or fixed in to. In order to ensure physical protection without compromising the existing structure, the security hoarding system was cleverly designed to interface with the building via a self-supporting frame. We engaged with our clients design team to advise on security detailing and installation of the panel system on this frame.

So as to not delay the renovation programme, the secure containment of the area was of the upmost urgency and extremely time critical. The project was supplied and installed 5 weeks from purchase order- On time and on-budget.

Portfolio Details

We were delighted with the partnership with MSS which resulted in a High Security hoarding with a bespoke configuration to meet the exacting requirements of the National Gallery.

Andy LoweSales Director, Kwik Klik Systems Ltd.