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Modular Security Solutions are proud to have been selected to design and supply a high security production and packaged plant environment to a prestigious northern UK based pharmaceutical company.

In recent years the site had been targeted on three separate occasions with attempted break-ins, which although unsuccessful, identified a requirement for physical security hardening to reduce operational down time and to safeguard high value equipment.

The areas identified for fortification comprised of a distillation and chemical pumping production area and a highly controlled loading bay. In its entirety the project utilised 175 linear metres of our high security composite walling system and approximately 800m2 of panel overall

The facility required two different panel surface finishes for each of the areas: a hygienic stainless steel in GR316 in the packaged plant environment and a durable and scratch resistant plastisol coated, texturised leather grain in the loading area.

Both loading and plant area specifications called for superb product fire performance, integration of multiple service penetrations and for the incorporation of heavyweight roller shutter doors.


Product specification and early project engagement with architects, consultants and the main contractor combined with stage 1 design input, ensured that functionality and security were embedded into the design process from project infancy.

As the UK’s only supplier of fully stainless security composite panel systems, the plant area panels were manufactured with hygienic grade 316 stainless steel facings from our ultra-secure Primus range. The loading area secure composite panels, also from our Primus range, were manufactured with a hard wearing, texturised, leathergrain finish in a Goosewing Grey Colour.

Our ultra-secure Primus cladding system provides optimal fire efficiency and has been tested to BS476 pt.22, providing a spec compliant and impressive 120 minutes integrity and 120 minutes insulation to the build.
Due to the extreme weight of the specified roller shutter doors, careful design consideration was given to the secure interface between the two products and to load bearing capability. Modular Security Solutions designed and supplied a substantial fabricated steel frame, which would provide a combined solid structural surface for roller shutter mounting and secure fixing for our paneling system.

A total of 14 penetrations were required to provide critical M&E services to the plant area. Due to uncertainty of location, these were formed on-site during installation. To assist with this task, we supplied cutting, tooling, dimensional and safety guidance to the install team.
Modular Security Solutions designed and supplied security sleeve fabrications to maintain penetration security levels. These were powder coated in a colour to compliment the build aesthetic.


Thanks to early project engagement and excellent company to company design collaboration, many areas of the build which may have proven challenging were engineered out at a very early stage.

The project was designed, manufactured, and supplied in 7 weeks, installed in 5 weeks, with operation and maintenance information handed over on week 14 – 1 week in advance of the contractual programme.

The new highly secure plant area provides a sleek and hygienic stainless operational environment, and the offloading area ensures both security and durability, with a surface finish that boasts a 30 year guarantee.
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The MSS team really demonstrated their expertise and technical product knowledge during the delivery of this high security packaged plant environment!”

Michael HayManaging Director, Total Pump Solutions Ltd.