Case Study: Clean Room

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Modular Security Solutions were delighted to be awarded the contract to work with a prestige clean room builder in providing a CL3 clean room environment to a UK pharmaceutical facility.

The project brief called for an area within an existing large laboratory to be divided and security hardened following a containment category upgrade of some of the pathogens being handled.

The new secure area footprint was approximately 20,000 x 17,000mm which provided approximately 550m2 of our high security composite panel system in total. The secure area also required two secure transitional airlock spaces for containment and airflow purposes.

The facility required optimal air leakage rates despite significant integration of services such as pipework and cabling.


Despite several unforeseen challenges and an extremely tight schedule, the project was designed, and the materials delivered in six weeks. Our client installed the system in three weeks, meaning that the clean room environment was handed over one week ahead of schedule.

The area provided a secure, sterile and aesthetically pleasing CL3 working environment to our pharmaceutical end user.

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