Case Study: LPS 1175 G5 SECURITY, UK Research Facility

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We were delighted to work with our client, a leading UK security group and their client to design and deliver a high security environment within an existing confidential UK research facility.

The facility had a footprint of approximately 11,000 x 6,000mm and called for our most physically resistant LPS 1175 G5 rated security panel system, which has been tested and certified to withstand attack from a wide range of high-powered tooling including petrol driven tooling such as disc grinders.

The project called for a security rated environment which was logistically capable of being installed onto an upper floor with tight spacial constraints, whilst still providing optimal levels of physical security, fire safety and an acoustic sound reduction.

For functional purposes a total of eleven service penetrations were integrated into the secure envelope, all of which were required to comply with the LPS 1175 G5 scope of approval.


Our LPS 1175 G5 security composite panel system was manufactured with a rockwool insulative core type, providing an impressive 120 minutes integrity/120 minutes insulation fire performance as tested to BS 476 pt.22 and an impressive airborne sound reduction of Rw 65dB.

On-site logistics determined that no material transported to site could exceed a maximum length of 2000mm, with a walling height of 2700mm a frame with a mid-section horizontal steel support section was designed and suppled by Modular Security Solutions allowing the walling height to be split over the span of two composite panels. The frame was also designed and supplied sectionally with no individual component exceeding the critical 2000mm length.

A full set of signed off, supporting, structural calculations were undertaken and supplied into the project for scrutiny and acceptance.

The eleven service penetrations were cut on-site, during installation by our trained and experienced client and penetrations were all fit with Modular Security Solutions specialist security sleeves. At a G5 security rating theses sleeves are manufactured 6mm gauge steel and were powder coated to ensure a perfect colour match to the walling system.

The overall build had a crisp, scientific aesthetic and white decorative cappings were delivered to conceal every exposed security fixing head in the build.

Portfolio Details

Delivering this project was a rewarding professional endeavour for all of our team. Our LPS 1175 G5 panel system provides the highest, certified level of physical protection available from our product range, resisting attack from even petrol driven tooling like disc grinders. Feedback from the both the projects main contractor and sub contracting teams was excellent with high praise and great scoring being given to Modular Security Solutions design function, project management, product quality and post delivery technical assistance amongst other highlights. This was an exciting, prestigious and technically demanding project to be involved in.

Claire SalesManaging Director, Modular Security Solutions Ltd.