Case Study: Banking Sector

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Portfolio Description


Modular Security Solutions were proud to work with a UK based, leading supplier of security products and on-site services to provide a heightened security environment to a prestigious UK banking and cash handling facility.

Our high security composite panel system was used to fortify the perimeter of the existing building’s structure and to securely partition highly sensitive areas as well as being used to construct airlock entry point kiosks enabling secure access.

The project provided a 155 Linear metre walling system, which spanned between solid head/slab substrates up to 4 metres high. When combined with the additional partitioning and entry point enclosures, the project comprised of over 1000m2 of MSS high security composite panel system.

The end user required that the walling system be fixed between existing upright circular pillars which provided integral structural support to the existing building and wished to maximise floor space in the newly constructed security environment, making boxing around the pillars non-viable.

The function and objective of the newly built secure facility also demanded that a multitude of secure penetrations be integrated into the security panels, allowing for critical electrical and mechanical service feed.


Despite very limited site access, the thorough, methodical, and joined up approach to survey between Modular Security Solutions and our client proved to be a successful collaboration. The installation ran smoothly and efficiently with the project being delivered on-time and on budget. We are delighted to have worked with our client to present a unique physical security solution to their critical end user.

Our High Security Composite Panels can be retrofit into existing cash handling offices, cash in transit depots, safety deposit centres and banking infrastructure.

Modular Security Solutions high security composite panel systems are a fully modular and future-proof building solution. Our security system is fully demountable and can be extended and built onto quickly and inexpensively.

At Modular Security Solutions, we understand that when it comes to security construction, one size does not fit all. That is why our high security composite panel system is available with a range of construction options. Our security installation training package is bespoke and specifically tailored to cover challenges or concerns relating to your unique high security composite panel project.

Portfolio Details

Working alongside Modular Security on this project was a true testament to collaboration and precision. Modular Security supplied 155 linear meters (over 1000m2) of LPS 1175 SR3 walling system, and together with Associated Security Solutions, we achieved remarkable results. Our dedicated account managers and team of 6 installers worked tirelessly for six months, preceded by 12 months of meticulous planning. Constant communication with Modular Security Solutions was paramount to our success. We overcame challenges seamlessly, operating within a live site, necessitating weekend work and stringent security measures. Access requests were submitted 72 hours in advance to ensure the highest security standards. Materials predominantly sourced within the UK or manufactured by SMP security solutions reflected our commitment to quality and reliability. This project exemplifies the power of teamwork and the pursuit of excellence in Modular Security Solutions.

Stephen TurnerManaging Director, Associated Security Solutions Ltd.