Case Study: Secure Offices, Zentura

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Modular Security Solutions were proud to work with a UK physical security solutions specialist to deliver security hardening into a secure office environment.

The project comprised approximately 25 Linear metres of high security composite panel walling system, spanning between existing slabs, incorporating a security door set and multiple integrated service penetrations.

Several non-secure/vulnerable window areas were identified and due to the prohibitive costs associated with replacement, a client decision was taken to also harden and conceal the window area with our high security composite panel system


Due to the highly sensitive nature of the work carried out there, supplier visits were restricted. Design information was therefore predominantly communicated via our clients install team, who meticulously dimensionally surveyed and diagrammed the installation prior to the commencement of our 3D design activities.

The office was located on the first floor of a larger building and restricted access for delivery meant that panel weights had to be given careful consideration. Typically, MSS panels are supplied with a standard 1150mm cover width but for projects where weight and accessibility are major factors, we can critically offer our panels with significantly reduced cover widths. In this instance, after careful consultation with the client, the panels were manufactured and supplied with an average cover width of 555mm. This enabled a smooth and efficient transition of the security panels when they arrived on-site.

To allow for the installation of critical services, walling penetrations were required in several areas. To minimise on-site disruption and labour, panel cutting was absorbed into the Modular Security Solutions scope of work. Panels were delivered pre-cut and with corresponding, colour matched security collars ready for on-site fixing.


The secure office project was extremely time critical. The contractual lead time for project design and material delivery was just six weeks. The project materials were delivered ahead of schedule and when installed the security composite panel system provided a highly secure and aesthetically pleasing office working environment.

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