Case Study: Offsite Built Data Centre

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Portfolio Description


Modular Security Solutions are happy to have been selected to work on the design and supply of a high security data centre for use at a highly restricted, UK based, scientific research facility.

Our client, a globally respected technology solutions provider, was tasked with delivering a turnkey, high security, off-site built, data centre solution. The project was fast paced with a very tight delivery programme.

The data module when complete needed to provide a highly secure, thermally insulated and fire efficient environment, suitable for storing and protecting high value critical IT equipment at this most sensitive facility.


Our client favoured an existing, pre-agreed off-site built unit design which included a base frame assembly and external shell material. Modular Security solutions were asked to provide a design for the retrofit line out of our high security composite panel systems into this unit. To avoid design clashes and to aid communication, 3D modelling using Solidworks was used during design phase : with our design team liaising with the frame manufacturer in the overclad of their frame assembly.

A large quantity of Roxtec transits were specified for use
in this project as a method of providing sealed and efficient cable entry. The secure penetrations required for this were incorporated into the Modular Security Solutions manufacturing schedule, with all cutting occurring off-site at our manufacturing facility. Our design team engineered a steel security sleeve frame out solution, ensuring absolute aperture security
whilst also providing a suitable welding surface for the Roxtec transit frames.

The security module was required to offer a specified level of fire efficiency for both integrity and insulation. The project was designed and supplied with this is mind and our
non-combustible, class A, rock wool core type panel system was delivered into the project.

Due to the existing external shell, our high security composite panel system was fixed to the frame with access from the inside only. Our high security composite panel systems have been security tested specifically to provide an ‘inside-fix’ solution using specialist security anti-tamper fixings.

As with most data centre projects, high priority was given to floor space saving measures. The security panel used in this project provided a slim wall thickness, maximising internal space whilst still providing fire and thermal efficiency.


The units were manufactured and deployed 8 weeks from Purchase Order and provided a high security, offsite built envelope for protection of sensitive data and critical IT equipment.

Portfolio Details

It was great to collaborate with our client to deliver a spec compliant, space saving, retro-fit solution in to this extremely sensitive, scientific research facility!

Mark SutherlandProjects Director, Modular Security Solutions Ltd.